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Video: Amoabeng 'slept' with me but not the father of my son - Mzbel

Video: Amoabeng 'slept' with me but not the father of my son - Mzbel Featured

Hiplife musician Mzbel has said that although she slept with Unique Trust (UT) boss, Captain (retd) Prince Kofi Amoabeng, on several occasions, he is not the father of her son, Aaron Adepa.

Even though Kofi Amoabeng in an interview on Joy FM openly disclosed that he did not father Adepa, many still think he is actually the father of the child and that he just doesn’t want to take responsibility.

It has been said that the only mothers can tell who the father of their child is, especially in cases where the mother had sex with multiple men before the pregnancy occurred.

Mzbel has finally revealed that Kofi Amoabeng is not the father of her child and that she knows who the father of her child is.

She added that the fact that a man has sex with a lady several times doesn’t mean the person is the owner of the pregnancy.

Mzbel revealed this exclusively on the Delay Show.

She said, “Kofi is not the father of my son. He came out to say the truth, and I wasn’t humiliated when he came out to say the truth.”

Delay wanted to know her if Adepa is a bastard to which Mzbel replied, “My son is not a bastard because I know who the father is, a bastard is someone who doesn’t know who his father is."

The singer protested the labeling of Adepa as a bastard saying his father is always available although they are not married.

"We are not married because, I just don’t want to get married, I  don’t want to be attached to anyone, I don’t want to be anybody’s slave.” Mzbel said.


watch interview here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9t2H44spNY

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