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Merit movies to release maiden movie next year

Merit movies to release maiden movie next year Featured

For sometime now, it has been rumored that merit movies company is working on a major project for the movie industry but the actual project had eluded most movie fans until today when the executive producer and CEO of Merit Movies, Dr. Addo Cornelius disclosed to news233, that the company would be releasing its maiden movie next year on 14th April 2017. He wasn't only emphatic with the date of the release but also said it will feature top movie actors and actresses from Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana. He however did not disclose any names but said plans were advanced with the shooting. He also added that the movie would be shot in January 2017.

Production for the movie began in late April 2016. Filming is set to begin in January 2017 and movie would be premiered in cinemas all around the world from 14th April 2017.

The budget for the movie is set at a whopping $200,000 and Dr. Addo explained it was because of the Stars to feature on the movie. He again explained that casting for roles in the movie would begin next month and anyone at all could audition to be part of this great movie to hit Africa and the world.

The movie is said to be an African epic romance - comedy film; so fans just have to cross their arms and wait patiently for this one.


Dr. Addo Cornelius - CEO & Executive producer - Merit Movies

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