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Nigerians react to ongoing fuel crisis

Nigerians react to ongoing fuel crisis Featured

Disagreements between the government and fuel importers -- coupled with a foreign currency crisis caused by plunging oil prices -- have led to fuel scarcity in Nigeria, leaving people without gas for cars and fuel for generators, which many people rely on for electricity.

Drivers are queuing for hours, and sometimes overnight, hoping to snap up some of the last drops available at fuel stations around Abuja, Lagos and other cities around the country.
The fuel crisis has recently deepened due to an explosion of an important pipeline, also affecting electricity supplies. Despite reassurances from state officials that the crisis would have resolved itself quickly, the last few weeks have been tough.
While they wait for supplies to replenish, Nigerians are taking to Twitter, using the hashtags #NoFuel #NoLight and #EndFuelCrisisNow to share their experiences.

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