The 4k OLED display which was developed by LG Displays is the first of its kind and it looks and works like the normal displays we have currently. An added feature of this product is the fact that the crystal sound plays sound directly from parts of the screen where the events are happening. So when there is a dog barking on the right or a car crash on the left or someone shouting from the top of a building at the top of the screen, that’s where you will hear these sounds.

Last year, the tech company showed up an 18 inch version of a screen that could be rolled up and its not surprising this year, we are witnessing a 65 inch TV which rolls up from a box and gently back.

Is the world ready for a rolling screen?
The answer to that remains in the negative as the impact of the 3D displays and the curved screens have been seen by critics as a failure. And any attempts to rush this technology on the market may also witness the same fate.

For now, the world is marveled by the prospect and many other companies would be looking at the usefulness of this innovation in their line of business.