Two investment groups who both hold around $2Bn of Apple stock have asked the most valuable brand in the world to develop software that limit the time children spend on phone. The call comes after Jana Partners and a California teachers’ pension fund sent a letter to the iPhone marker calling for the digital locks.

After several complains worldwide of a growing addiction to the time people spend on their smart phones, the timing for such an appeal is well placed. However, this tech addiction we are witnessing is not only limited to the smart phone industry. A bigger problem is posed by video games and the reason for the growing addiction in the use of smart phones is the increasing demand for such phones to carry good video games.

For most parents video gaming has significant impact on the time children have to learn and a call on smartphone makers around the world to start considering how the design of these phones can curb the growing trend is one they don’t take lightly.

However, some groups prefer not to call this trend an addiction and asked that parents be more involved in the control of their children when it comes to these technologies and not leave the whole work to the manufacturers of these products.