Tickets for the much anticipated movie of 2018, “Asylum is down” have run out at some of the sale points in Accra. Movie fans today were asked to check up tomorrow for tickets when they went to the silver bird cinema at the Accra mall to purchase tickets for the movie. Apparently, some of the fans interviewed explained that they went to other centers and were told tickets had also run at those places so felt they could pick up tickets at the Accra mall since that was one of the centers for the premiere.

When our sources contacted the organizers, they explained the movie house didn’t want to over sell tickets for the show since it was very concerned about the welfare of their audience. However, merit movies, the company that produced the movie explained they would have to use all the cinemas at the Accra mall and west hills mall and increase the intake since people were subscribing more for tickets.

The company however urged the fans to get their tickets early to avoid any inconveniences on the day of the premiere as patrons with tickets would be allowed entry before the rest those who come to the gates.

Asylum is down movie comes off at the Silver bird cinemas at the Accra and west hills mall on Saturday 17th february at 5pm, 7pm and 9pm for GHC 30. For ticket delivery or info call 0242886451 or 0268151161.