In an interview with Bola ray on star chat, Ex president John A. Kuffour explains he joined the free masons when he was about 67 years old. He also explained that members of his family were part of the group and he was invited when his time was due to be part of the society.

The ex president elucidated, he had been a member since and believes his rank may be the highest in Africa. He was however quick to disclaim that it was a secret cult and said it was a group for character building and one needs to first and foremost believe in the creator as the giver of everything before he could be part. 

Kuffour also expounded that the group was open to Christians, Muslims etc. and the group had no strange doctrines to it. He again buttressed the point that the group had to go into secrecy when most of the members were persecuted in the early periods for what they believed in which brought about the whole perception that it was a group with clandestine activities. 

The group celebrated its 300th anniversary about 4 months ago. For most people free masonry still remains a group with more questions to be answered.