1. Sex – It’s not a myth when you hear people say that sex is a really great way of exercising. when a couple engage in long foreplay and make sex last for close to 20 minutes, the individual burns up to around 200 calories in the process.

2. Thinking – When you work out your brain by solving a problem, you make the cells in the brain burn a lot of calories. Already the brain uses up to 30 percent of the calories in the body and added work on it means more burning of the extra calories. 

3. Cooking – with increasing demand for fast foods, many individuals are losing the opportunity of burning up to 150 calories by making their own food in an hour.

4. Shopping – when walking through the market for an hour you are sure to burn around 200 calories. When you decide to lift the heavy goods yourself you end up almost doubling that amount of calories you burn.

5. Dancing – A lot of the time we advice that people spend time jamming at the disco particularly when they are not making time for regular exercise. The good part is that, we don’t realize we have burnt between 300 to 700 calories doing that.

6. Standing – For most observant people, doctors and nurses tend not to be overweight for the mere reason that they stand a lot and also pace around the hospital so many times. Doing this for about an hour every day can make you lose up to 20 pounds every year. 

7. Laughter – It’s surprising when we read that laughter is a good medicine. Current medical research shows that laughing for some period releases a hormone called serotonin which reduces an individual’s appetite. So when you feel you are stressed out try watching a funny movie and you will be doing yourself a great deal of service. You turn to burn between 20 to 80 calories doing that.

8. Singing – A common complain by most people who tend to sing for longer periods in the week is that they don’t put on weight easily. Research shows that singing for longer periods can burn up to 150 calories.