In an interview on the hour show, Nana Adomako Nyamekye revealed the shocking news that he was tasked by JJ Rawlings to kill Ex president Hilla Limann when he steps up to dance to his music.

When asked why he didn't report the incident before the coup he admitted that in those days if he had spoken about it Rawlings would have been killed but if it was in this age, he would have had a means of disclosing this plot.

He also further stated that the plan was to kill not only Limann but also Degraft Johnson during the 31st December dance. He again stated that the individual who masterminded the coup was Adebuga who was initially arrested, but later released because the soldiers wanted him out.

When asked if he had any interactions with Rawlings, Nana Adomako recounted a period where he was threatened by Rawlings that if he and his team ever misbehaved they would be shot at the castle and that most of the killings were taking place at the castle.

He also admitted that he escaped from prison when he heard there was plan to kill him and his guys and went into exile.