The news has been rumored for a while now that the actor was no longer part of the media house and everyone was just waiting for an official statement to it. news233 can now confirm that Kalybos has now  parted ways with Kofas media.

It was realized that for a while now, Patricia Opoku - Agyeman popularly known as Ahoufe Patri who shot to fame after the short comedy skits ‘ boys kasa” by kofas media signed on her own manager. However the actress still used to act for the media house and kept good ties with Kofi Asamoah CEO of Kofas media.
Somewhere last year after the release of the John and John movie, relationship between Richard Asante popularly known as Kalybos and Kofi Asamoah started going sour after purported disagreement between them.

The two however kept things really clean and away from the public light and for now a very close source to the two can now confirm the two have parted ways when it comes to management but will work on any other venture if the other party gives out a hand.

For now, we can infer why the name “boys kasa” is not being used but rather ‘Adventures of Kalybos” for the comedy skit.
The question we keep asking is ; “ Is it the right reason to drop someone who brought you to fame?”