After a hard fought election, the only African player to have won the Fifa World player of the year and the Ballon D’or in 1995 is now the president elect for Liberia.

The road to victory was however never smooth for the 51-year-old, ex footballer after his defeat in 2005 to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf – Africa’s first female head of state, who he is succeeding.

With his campaign never free from controversy after he decided to appoint Mrs. Jewel Taylor, wife of former president Charles Taylor who is currently serving his term in UK prison for war crimes in conflicts in Sierra Leone, as his running mate, Mr. Weah appealed to the youth better than his opponent, Joseph Boakai – incumbent vice president.

The question on the minds of most Liberians is “Are we going to have the change we have been fighting for all these years?” The task still remains herculean for the new president as he has to really rid the nation of about 5 million people of the corruption that has eaten deep into the nations fabrics. Some sceptics feel this would not be realized in this new president unless he decides to do away with all the old members who played a part in ex president Charles Taylors reign.

For now, Africa’s player of the century, named in 1996 is now Africa’s first Ex footballer president – George Tawlon Manneh Oppong Ousman Weah.