It's quite surprising how the benevolence of our celebrities is being used against them in todays era. A male mobile money fraudster has taken a big leap by now asking for money from actors and actresses after meeting up with them that he wants to shoot a commercial or movie with. After signing a contract that he would be using the celebrities for his shoot, he would later call that he is in some kind of trouble with the police and ask for help. Some of the suspecting celebrities however failed to send the money but for a few unlucky ones, they felt like helping and got trapped in this mans web.

Vivian Jill Lawrence was one of the victims and says she sent an amount of GHC 800 after the guy said he was in trouble with the police. Apparently, he was supposed to meet up with the lady in Kumasi and sign some documents for an advert.

Auntie bee of “Efie wura” also recounted how she was promised a job by a guy and ended up being swindled of GHC 1,200.

For what is happening, the police would have to step up their search for such miscreants in our society who want to prey on the generosity of our stars.
For now, we will urge everyone to be very vigilant to the schemes of these fraudsters.