A group of doctors are planning demonstrations across the country to show their frustration at the way the Nana Addo led government has blatantly disregarded their own campaign promise of restoring the waiver back.
It can be recalled that the erstwhile NDC government under the Mahama administration cancelled the long standing system where by some health care workers were able to clear their cars at the ports and paid very little for duty. They argued that the system was not fair to other Ghanaians.
However, doctors have maintained that, because they can be called at odd hours whether on duty or not for emergency aid, living at a distant location from the hospital and moving at night will require some form of private transportation. Also the doctors say they cant ask government to buy all doctors cars to use for their work. And therefore looking at the meager salaries they receive and the need for most of them not to seek greener pastures outside, these were needed to keep them in the country.
News233 asked the group of doctors who want to remain anonymous for now whether this move to demonstrate was legal. The doctors explained they were not going to abandon work. They also realize their leaders are not serious in pushing home their agenda of welfare so a group of them will march to the castle to submit their letter to the president.
The doctors said ' we voted for NPP because we believed in Nana Addo. He shouldn't behave like other presidents by promising and not delivering. The spare parts, nursing, teacher training and special prosecutor agendas have been fulfilled. What will it take the president to do this for doctors?'
News233 is currently trying to reach the minister for health and Ghana medical Association president for their inputs.